Real Estate Solutions

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Property Title Search:

Our staff will review the computerized property database of the National
Registry to determine the title condition of the property you intend to
purchase.   If the initial report reveals issues that must be addressed
more in depth our staff will conduct a manual title review in the National
Registry to address any title issues that may arise.

Due Diligence:  

Our staff can perform an extensive due diligence for properties located in
Costa Rica which in addition to addressing title issues can extend to
environmental, local government (municipal), forestry and other
regulations which may impact the use of the property.

Purchase and Sale Agreements.  

Our staff can draft or review Purchase and Sale Agreements to ensure
your interests and investment are duly protected.

Development Planning.

Subdivisions, Condominium Declarations, Agricultural Parcel,
Urbanization.. Let our Staff review the best options for you to tailor your
development plans in Costa Rica.   

Residential and Commercial Leases.  

Our staff can assist in the drafting or review of residential  or commercial
leases in Costa Rica.

IRA Real Estate Investment.

We have worked with IRA administrators in the United States to transfer
your IRA for investment properties in Costa Rica.   Let us guide you
through this process.

Escrow Services.

We offer escrow services for real estate transactions.

Title Guaranty:

Our staff can arrange Title Guaranty for your property transaction.  

Purchase Negotiations.

Sometimes cultural differences create friction in negotiations.  Let our
Costa Rican staff negotiate your real estate transaction.