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Fees and Closing Costs

At Attorney Property Services we will provide you with an up front estimate of the fees and closing costs involved in your transaction.   All property transfers in Costa Rica are regulated by statutory fees and we adhere to fee schedule established by the Costa Rican Bar Association.

The standard real estate closing involves the following:

1.  Title Search
      The basic title search starts at $99.   

     If the title reveals complications that would require more extensive overview we will advise and quote

2.  Drafting or Reviewing a Purchase Agreement.
After a review of the title information and obtaining the  transaction particulars from you we will quote
     you for drafting or reviewing a Purchase Agreement as the case may be.

3.   Final Closing and Transfer of Title.

Unless otherwise agreed upon, it is customary for the buyer and seller to share equally in the closing costs.  The typical real estate closing will involve the following costs:    Image

(1) Real Estate Transfer Tax. The government collects a property transfer tax (Impuesto de Traspaso ) which is equal to 1.5% of the registered value of the property. The Public Registry will not record a transfer deed unless the transfer taxes and documentary stamps have been paid.

(2) Documentary Stamps. The government also requires that documentary stamps be affixed to the deed. These stamps include the following:

- Municipal Stamp: (Timbre Municipal);
- Legal Bar Association Stamp (Timbre del Colegio de Abogados);
- Fiscal Stamp: (Timbre Fiscal);
- Agricultural Stamp (Timbre Agrario);
- National Archives Stamp (Timbre del Archivo Nacional);

The Public Registry also imposes its own tax of .05% on documents presented for recording to the Public Registry. (Derechos de Registro)

(3) Notary Fees. The Notary Public who drafts the property transfer deed and conducts the closing and registration of the deed in the National Registry is bound by law to charge no less then the minimum notarial fee authorized by the Costa Rican Bar Association.  This fee is calculated on a sliding scale based on the purchase price in Costa Rican colones (¢) of the property being purchased. The sliding scale is as follows:

- ¢20 per ¢1,000 (or fraction thereof) (2%) on the first ¢10,000,000
- ¢15 per ¢1,000 (or fraction thereof) (1.5%) on the following ¢5,000,000
- ¢12.5 per ¢1000 (or fraction thereof)(1.25%) on the following ¢15,000,000, and
- ¢10 per ¢1000 (or fraction thereof) (1%) on the remaining amount.